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A Spectacular Visual Journey Through the Land of Temples and Traditions

By Feb. 8, 2015
Tamilnadu.jpg Tamilnadu: One of the World's Oldest Living Traditions

Tamil Nadu, the southernmost state in the Indian subcontinent, is the home for one of humanity’s oldest living classical civilisations, the Dravidian Civilization. Tamil Nadu has a long history stretching back uninterrupted for three millennia and very much living on today through the language, dance, poetry and religion.

The french art director, Mathieu Maury, filmed the divine land of traditions and temples, through his frame during his travel to India in 2012. This is a visual delight which tends to reinvent a nostalgic spectator in us. He spent two week travelling through the nooks and corners of tamilnadu to catch some spectacular visuals on real life.

Let’s have a Look: Tamilnadu | A Spectacular Visual Journey through the Land of Temples and Traditions
[vimeo 45520889 w=500 h=281]

Indian Point Of View – Tamil Nadu from Stanislas Giroux on Vimeo.

Cover image courtesy: http://www.therootsofindia.com/


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