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The Common Man Politics Gives Victory for Aam Aadmi

By Feb. 10, 2015
Hazare, Kejriwal & Bedi Kiran Bedi and Aravind Kejriwal with Anna Hazare at a campaign for the strong Lokpal Bill

Delhi witnessed Aam Aadmi Wave, as the party recorded a historic win over the opposition. Literally, it was a clean sweep as they won 67 out of the 70 assembly constituencies.

It was a last nail on the coffin for the congress, while the BJP got a reminder from the masses pointing the importance of the safety and security of the common man and its value.

The honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, had in his election campaign, asked the people of Delhi, to select his party and give him the opportunity to do good for them. Even the speech by Modiji and his promises, had little effect on the Delhi voters.

If, 2013 results was an eye-opener for BJP and Congress, 2015 is a shocking reality for them. BJP tried to realize their faults and worked hard under the leadership of Modi to emerge victorious in many elections, but tumbled in Delhi. One may not think twice to say that it has been a golden period for the BJP, under the leadership of Narendra Modi. But, congress is searching in darkness about what should be done next. The difference between Congress and BJP was, the leadership.

Congress has now become a permanent guest for the All India Political Roast. Everyone is making mockery out of them and are placed guilty for the economic undergrowth and irony of the common man. To find a way out, they are now seeking the support of Anna Hazare for regaining the lost glory, but seems to be an act of vein.

Anna Hazare, became a self made saviour for India’s common man, with his revelations against corruption, that has become a cancer for the Indian democracy. Anna Hazare was then supported by two diplomatic warriors, Kiran Bedi and Aravind Kejriwal, in his fight against corruption.

Three years back they were together to fight against corruption and black money, that has been ruining our economy and is a barrier in the way of economic growth for the common man. The National Anti-corruption movements of 2011, raised slogans against the UPA government and demanded for strong legislation and enforcement against endemic political corruption.

They were not the advocates of any political party. But, now the scenario has been changed. Kiran Bedi of BJP and Aravind Kejriwal of AAP, fought against each other for the Chief Ministership of Delhi. Anna Hazare has become the defendant spokesperson for congress. What a political scenario?

This is Indian politics and India favors power politics. Money and Power are the most addictive things in the world. That is why they say, “There is no permanent enemy or friend in politics, everbody is just companions”.

Aravind Kejriwal

Accused of being a ‘bhagora’ and ‘AK-49′, thanks to his last stint as the CM, ‘Paanch Saal Kejriwal’ came with the promise that the AAP party chief has learnt from his mistakes and is willing to stick around.

What do you think, paved way for the success of Aravind Kejriwal? It is nothing but Aam Aadmi Politics or the Common Man strategy. He simply tried to restore the faith of the common man in politics, by acting to fulfill the promises that he has given to the common man. In his short lived 49days as chief minister of Delhi, he had done the small things which could bring straight away, the difference in the routine life of the common man in Delhi. So the success formulae were the “Change”, that was essential for the people. The calculated risks worked out and Aravind Kejriwal came out victorious.

Thus, another day is saved (for the media), thanks to the common man in Delhi. All eyes are over to the newly elected government. Let us hope that, if not they could make Delhi, a world class city, they could at least make the life of the common man, from poor and illiterate into improved and educated. Let us hope that India will be in the strongest and safe hands of democracy, not in the hands of corruption.


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