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Infant Baby Turns in to Flames on His Own! | Known as Spontaneous Human Combustion

By Jan. 19, 2015
In Picture (Rahul) In Picture: Baby Rahul, a victim of one of the strangest and most mysterious of phenomena said to affect the body - spontaneous human combustion

A Nine-day old baby was admitted to the Kilpauk General Hospital with burns on his legs. What is crazy about the news is that, it has been reported that portions of the infant’s leg just caught fire spontaneously without any external interference, as reported by Deccan Chronicle.

Can a human just burst in to flames? You might be thinking this as a joke. But it’s true. The medical term of the symptom is Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC). If you search on google you will find cases of this kind reported from all over the world.

Spontaneous human combustion (SHC) is a term encompassing reported cases of the burning of a living (or very recently deceased) human body without an apparent external source of ignition.

As per the report, the child, who was brought to the city on Saturday night, is undergoing treatment at the hospital. A team of experts under paediatrician Dr Sathyamurthy has been formed to monitor the child.

Two years earlier, the baby’s elder brother, Rahul, had about ten degree burns. Then a 50-day old Rahul, the eldest son of 25-year-old farm labourer Rajeswari and her husband, Karnan Perumal (28), had caught fire spontaneously.

It was reported by Mail Online, “One day Rajeshwari Karnan suddenly heard her baby Rahul (pictured) screaming from inside the hut. She ran towards him, but before she could get there, a neighbour shouted ‘Your baby is on fire!’” Read more

He had posed a big challenge to doctors and scientists, the case was reported by most of the international news channels. Some people said the flames must be the work of a deity, while others suspected the use of combustible phosphorous in the materials used to build the couple’s home. But the doctors written off the suspicions by declaring it as case of Spontaneous Human Combustion.

Now, about two years later, his brother, who is just nine days old, is displaying similar qualities of suddenly catching fire. Rahul was discharged following treatment and has not displayed any symptoms of SHC, since then. “We hope the second child in the family too will soon be on the road to recovery,” a doctor said.

But, I am still in a dilemma, whether to believe it as a scientific phenomenon or as the effect of Kalyug.


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