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Tata Motors to Launch Air-Pod ‘Car Running on Air’ by End of 2015

By Feb. 7, 2015
Air Pod Image Tata Motors to launch Air-Pod 'Car Run on Compressed Air'

Can you imagine riding a real car using a joystick?

As reported by Business Standard,Tata Motors is planning to introduce their new invention, Air-pod, a car running on compressed air, by the end of this year.

Tata Motors, has been pursuing their longest running experiments in alternative fuel engine development, since past seven years, in association with Luxembourg-based Motor Development International.

Tata has recently revealed that they have developed a new car named Air-pod, running on compressed air and is planning to launch a commercial version of it, in the second half of the year. The car which could run using a joystick instead of a steering wheel will carry three adults and a child.

The car engine is claimed to be pollution free and can be easily refilled from any compressed air filling stations, as per the company statements. The fuel capacity of the tank promises an uninterrupted travel up to 200km at a maximum speed of 80 Km/Hr.

The cars running on compressed air is not a new idea. But, the developers have to tackle with complexities like, lower engine temperatures and road conditions. However, under its blue-sky project, Tata Motors, has been working on engines that will run on compressed air and emit air from exhaust pipes.

In 2012 the company stated that they have tested the technology on two cars, but went on a silence afterwards. Breaking the silence, after three years, Timothy Leverton, president and head, advance and product engineering, Tata Motors, in one of their in-house magazines said that, “This is a long-term project and a tricky and challenging one. But these are areas we need to invest in to make sure that we can innovate and manufacture disruptive products in the future.”

Even though the company claims to launch the Air-pod by the end of this year, it is doubtful whether it will touch Indian roads, by this year itself. The Air-pod will surely have to face a lot of challenges, like bad road conditions, traffic and safety measures. The licensing for the usage and registration of the car will also rise complexities to the authorities. But, the question coming to my mind is, at what cost will Tata be launching its Air-pod on Indian roads?

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