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Profile: Srividhya is a housewife. She learnt cooking from her mother, wo she considers as the best cook she has ever met. Her interests include yoga, reading books and family outings. She is a very big fan of the maestro Ilayaraja's music.

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  • Jute Jewelry is famous for its ethnic style as well as for its low cost.  Jute has proven to be a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to artificially created materials – polythene, for example – to make bags for various purposes.
    12 Feb 2014 in Fashion & Style

    Eco-friendliness has gradually entered the arena of jewelry products and accessories. Along with the fact that some types of metal jewelry have an adverse.

  • nellikai-sadham-feat
    26 Feb 2014 in Recipe

    Nellikai or Gooseberries are held in esteem by the Siddhars of Tamil Nadu as a medicinal plant. Preliminary research, demonstrates in vitro antiviral and.

  • Caked Ladies Finger / Okra
    26 Feb 2014 in Recipe

    This a great spicy, crispy snack and healthy too, because it is baked and not deep fried in oil. Try it and you will.

  • Varagarisi Jeera rice
    26 Feb 2014 in Recipe

    This is a simple yet satisfying dish made with Varagarisi or Kodo Millet and Jeera or Cumin seeds. Varagarisi is a nutritious grain and.

  • He has sung over 400 of his own compositions for films. He has penned the lyrics for some of his songs in Tamil and other languages.
    12 Feb 2014 in Movies

    Maestro Ilaiyaraaja conducted a lecture demonstration cum musical discussion named ‘Be with me – Maestro Its Happening!’ on Monday (August 20, 2012) in the.

  • Drumstick is considered the most nutritious plant on this planet. Its leaves are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and minerals. Moreover, it is cost effective to grow and it prevents malnutrition.
    12 Feb 2014 in Health

    In Tamilnadu, one can rarely find a street without a drumstick tree. Moringa oleifera (family Moringaceae) – as the tree is botanically known –.