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Nellikai or Gooseberries are held in esteem by the Siddhars of Tamil Nadu as a medicinal plant. Preliminary research, demonstrates in vitro antiviral and.

Poikkal Kuthirai Aatam is performed bearing a lightweight dummy horse around the dancer’s waist.

Folk arts typically closely represent the culture and heritage of a region. In Tamil Nadu, the dance form of Poikkal Kuthirai Aatam is one such art. Also called Puravai Aatam,.

he main challenge and the beauty of this art form is the act of balancing water pots on the performers’ head while he/she is dancing.

Tamilnadu is home to a rich tradition of arts. ‘Iyal, Isai, Nadagam’ (Dance, Music and Theatre) flourished in the ages of kings, especially during the ‘Sanga Kalam’ nurtured by the.

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What can Happen when Fiction Wins Out Over Facts in Academia

We all love a great underdog story.  There is nothing more emotionally satisfying than watching someone, against all odds, score a big victory. When this

NRI’s and the pre-conceived notion of Brain Drain

In a world that generalizes the act of an individual who goes overseas to demonstrate his / her capabilities and earn a living in a.

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