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Tamil Nadu, the home for one of humanity’s oldest living classical civilisations, stretching back uninterrupted for three millennia and very...

Rice Shower Image

Akshadai or showering of rice grains coated with turmeric and saffron is an integral part of the South Indian Wedding. But, Do you know.

5 Exceptionally Talented Non Resident Indians, Who Have Made Tamilnadu Proud Tamilnadu is the home for one of humanity’s oldest living classical civilisations, where innovation has always been a tradition..


Fasting has long been associated with religious rituals, diets, and political protests. Researchers gain new evidence to prove that intermittent fasting is a key for longer and healthier life. A.


The Common Man Politics Gives Victory for Aam Aadmi

Delhi witnessed Aam Aadmi Wave, as the party recorded a historic win over the opposition. Literally, it was a clean sweep as they won 67

Foreign Equity Can Flag Next Leg of Indian Railway’s journey

A momentous decision by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government late Wednesday, allowing 100-percent foreign equity in big-ticket projects of Indian Railways for the first time,.

The Magic of Carnatic And Feel Of Music

Words cannot describe the beauty of Carnatic music and its essence. Generally when one listens to Carnatic music on disks or…

Traditional Dance with a Dummy Horse Tied Around the Waist!

Folk arts typically closely represent the culture and heritage of a region. In Tamil Nadu, the dance form of Poikkal Kuthirai…

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